Is there a better way to spend a sunny Saturday than engaging in some top-notch dog-watching? We don’t think so. Therefore last weekend was a definite good time. It was great to see everybody out and about at Woofstock and the Dachshund Races.

There are some excellent photos from Woofstock here.

This weekend the fun continues in a major way. What they say about Goldzilla is true: It’s big. It’s hairy. And it’s very, very friendly. And it’s coming your way this Saturday the 17th. As a sponsor of this event we must warn you that the mere sight of so many Golden Retrievers in one location may cause you to smile until the following weekend. That said, we suggest it.

There’s more Goldzilla info here.

Also this weekend there is a fundraiser for the Beltrami dog park in Northeast Minneapolis. We love this neighborhood! If you attend you will find live music, food and drink, contests and games, and the chance to win Bone Adventure gift cards!

More info here.

Here’s to another doggy weekend!

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